ZV-240 Tornador® Velocity-Vac Dry


A Tornador® Power Vacuum for Faster Interior Auto Cleaning!

Power Vacuum and Air Dry

Velocity-Vac Dry Features:

  • Increases Vacuum Suction
  • Patented TORNADOR Action
  • A Huge Time Saver
  • Rugged Construction



The ZV-240 TORNADOR® VELOCITY-VAC DRY takes your vacuuming to a whole new level! The patented TORNADOR® ball-bearing rotation quickly lifts dirt and grime from carpet fibers that other vacuums leave behind. The unique shape and technology of the cone also adds additional suction power to your vacuum. The TORNADOR® VELOCITY-VAC DRY easily attaches to an air source and a wet/dry vacuum. This new technology combination will streamline your automotive detailing and reconditioning challenges. It’s ideal for use in quick Wash and Vac detailing situations in Car Washes, Body Shops, New Car Get-Ready and other quick detailing jobs. The VELOCITY-VAC DRY is a quick and economical solution to combat everyday interior problems.


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